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loudspeaker / громкоговоритель, репродуктор
имя существительное
speaker, loudspeaker, megaphone, blower, reproducer, loud-hailer
loudspeaker, reproducer
имя существительное
an apparatus that converts electrical impulses into sound, typically as part of a public address system or stereo equipment.
The concerts are free from artificial electric sound systems, microphones and loudspeakers .
A loudspeaker was added to the playback system to fill in some of the higher frequency components.
a loudspeaker system
The device can also be used to accept telephone calls and conduct phone conversations over a loudspeaker .
To listen in, researchers record the vibrations and play the recordings back though a loudspeaker .
The loud beep, which meant the loudspeaker had come on, rang through the room.
Hearing aids are electronic devices made up of a microphone, an amplifier, a loudspeaker and a battery.
The loudspeaker system is usually turned up to a very high decibel level.
The loudspeaker system provided little amplification, making it difficult to hear the speakers.
The electricity reaches the loudspeaker , which converts it back into sound.
They even figured out how to fit a loudspeaker system which ran through the whole house.