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loudmouth / крикун, мудозвон
имя существительное
screamer, loudmouth, crier, barker, brawler, wrangler
loudmouth, ballshitter
имя существительное
a person who tends to talk too much in an offensive or tactless way.
Besides, you're always going to get loudmouths .
On the liberal side, I'd add Laurie, who's a loudmouth in the best sense of the word.
And what he does say contains all the insight of a saloon-bar loudmouth .
loudmouth lawyers
He certainly changed from school - he was a bit of a loudmouth and got really arrogant.
He can be a bit of a loudmouth , he's loud, he's gregarious, he's not discreet.
I had to be a loudmouth and spout off against this policy a few weeks ago.
He was in a famous band for a couple of years but now he's a famous loudmouth .
He is a loudmouth who doesn't trust anyone.
He's certainly entertaining and all, but he's also one of those people I just don't have any desire to try to explain the whole thing to, and even if he were he's too much of a loudmouth for me to tell him anything whatsoever about my life.
Time and increasing exposure has shown him to be a loudmouth crybaby, gutless hypocrite, economic buffoon, geopolitical imbecile, and possessed of the emotional fortitude of a ten-year-old.