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lottery / лотерея
имя существительное
lottery, raffle, draw
имя существительное
a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers drawn at random.
In some countries that hold state lotteries , tickets with number 13 will never be sold.
It has much to do with the lottery of life and its unforgiving nature - about fate, synchronicity, and whether what was, was supposed to be; of hopes realized and dashed, and possibly about self-delusion and being generally perplexed.
This inconsistency is infuriating clubs and leaving them feeling that the whole process is something of a lottery .
The odds of winning the jackpot on the national lottery are one in nearly 14m.
I played the lottery when it started, but I don't any more.
lottery tickets
The truth is, I've never bought a state lottery ticket in my life.
the introduction of a national lottery
The evening news was interrupted by the weekly lottery drawing.
His very poor punch resistance offsets his physical gifts, which makes every trip into the ring against top level opposition something of a lottery .
Ryan had hit genetic lottery on both sides.