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loss / потеря, убыток, утрата
имя существительное
loss, deprivation, miss, forfeiture, forfeit
lesion, loss, damage, sacrifice, waste, bad
loss, gap
имя существительное
the fact or process of losing something or someone.
avoiding loss of time
the company will suffer a huge loss
He is a huge loss for the community and will be greatly missed by his cousins, friends and neighbours.
Can you say something about your poems being so preoccupied with grief and loss , and the suffering brought to you by the suffering of another person?
financial loss
the loss of Pól
Several of her poems are marked by pain, a sense of loss and nostalgia.
This new method not only reduces voltage and power loss in the switch path, but also lowers the cost and simplifies design.
that was their first loss this season
What is it that makes us think we have the right to view other people's pain, loss and grief?
Then who speaks for those whose grief, loss and suffering is not known to us?