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lose / терять, проигрывать, упускать
lose, waste, shed, drop, spend, mislay
lose, concede, game away, drop, lose oneself, come off a loser
miss, lose, neglect, omit, leave out, let go
be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something).
I've lost my appetite
become unable to find (something or someone).
I've lost the car keys
fail to win (a game or contest).
the Bears lost the final game of the series
earn less (money) than one is spending or has spent.
the paper is losing $500,000 a month
stop or you'll lose me my job
He ducks into an alleyway in an attempt to lose his pursuers, but before he can scurry over a low wall, they catch up.
It was a brave decision, but the correct one as neither side deserved to lose this particular game.
You have to realize that you missing one shot or turning the ball over one time is not going to lose you a game.
am I going to lose the baby?
this clock will neither gain nor lose a second
But, remember, the amount of weight you lose is entirely at your own discretion and you can join in or drop out of the campaign at any time.
This de-motivates people - as a result they leave the party, they lose enthusiasm, they cease to be active.
lose that creep!
That means that the government would lose money with the current tax structure.