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lorry / грузовик, грузовой автомобиль, автомобиль
имя существительное
truck, lorry, commercial vehicle, motor lorry, autotruck, automobile wagon
грузовой автомобиль
truck, lorry, autotruck, motor lorry, automobile wagon
car, vehicle, automobile, auto, motor car, lorry
имя существительное
a large, heavy motor vehicle for transporting goods or troops; a truck.
And he believes drivers of heavy lorries will avoid the new road because he says it will have to be built on a steep incline.
a lorry driver
He said a Finnish lorry hit the bridge last month and called for the height to be displayed in metres.
A big lorry smashed into the back of the taxi.
The gravel lorry swerved off the road after the impact but remained upright.
The incident occurred when an articulated lorry collided with the back of a blue Volvo estate.
When the collection lorry arrives a crane picks up the bins and empties them into the relevant compartments.
He was following a lorry which was travelling at about 45 mph.
Never, NEVER, overtake a gritting lorry .
At first we thought the road was being shaken by a heavy lorry , but then my uncle said it was an earthquake.
An accident involving a lorry carrying radioactive waste closed a major Scottish road for hours yesterday.