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lorgnette / лорнет, театральный бинокль
имя существительное
lorgnette, eyeglasses
театральный бинокль
opera glasses, lorgnette
имя существительное
a pair of glasses or opera glasses held in front of a person's eyes by a long handle at one side.
She does not look at people, she regards them, as though quizzing them at a ball through a pair of lorgnettes .
She glanced at him and turned pale, then glanced again with horror, unable to believe her eyes, and tightly gripped the fan and the lorgnette in her hands, evidently struggling with herself not to faint.
The lorgnette , of course, comes complete with extra powers of magnification to enhance the user's acuity to view a map, read a small number or menu under less than adequate conditions.
The spring is a little loose when the lorgnette is open.
Positioned hierarchically above the crowd like a god, King Leopold looks through a lorgnette but seems not to notice the violence below.
Peering severely through her lorgnette at Everson she said ‘I'm afraid Colonel Everson that even men your age are in need of constant house-training‘.
Well, I do not have my lorgnette on me, but I will try anyway.
In the days before the Nazi occupation, when Vienna was a leading intellectual and cultural centre in Europe, she was an imposing figure, inscrutable as she peered at her students through her lorgnette .
The woman raised a lorgnette and appraised the muddied rugby shirt with pursed lips.
As they spoke, their father observed them from the staircase, holding a lorgnette .
In the eighteenth century lorgnettes and quizzing glasses became elegant accessories of upper-class dress and fashion began to influence design.