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lore / знания, профессиональные знания, уздечка
имя существительное
knowledge, lore, information, experience, attainments, reading
профессиональные знания
bridle, snaffle, lore, snaffle-bit
имя существительное
a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.
the jinns of Arabian lore
the surface on each side of a bird's head between the eye and the upper base of the beak, or between the eye and nostril in snakes.
With some birds, the lores presents the most conspicuous field mark.
He has had a front-row seat for the biggest events in modern New York baseball lore .
We owe it to the younger generation to pass on the vast lore , knowledge and expertise and let them know the heritage of the county.
It has been the subject of lore and the object of cravings for centuries.
Certain parts of the History section are outdated and may therefore conflict with other pieces of lore or stories.
He considers attitudes to antiquity and to change in general terms, and looks at perceptions of old traditions and proverbial lore .
This lore was passed on by my mother who had spent many of her childhood holidays on the same beaches, as had her mother before.
Romanians have a variety of traditions and lore dating back to antiquity.
Body painting, traditional dance and spoken lore are all virtually impossible to safeguard.
In the realm of sea lore , fact or fiction, stories of sea serpents have long held a special place.
baseball lore