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lopsided / односторонний, кривобокий, неравномерный
имя прилагательное
unilateral, one-sided, lopsided, irreciprocal, one-way, one-legged
lopsided, one-sided
uneven, irregular, lopsided
имя прилагательное
with one side lower or smaller than the other.
a lopsided grin
The Sultans delivered a decisive blow in the second inning with seven runs and cruised to a lopsided victory.
He leaned back, folded his arms across his broad chest, and gave his sister a lopsided grin.
He gave me a lopsided grin, and walked into his room, shutting the door after him.
Such a lopsided result defies the laws of probability and suggests something sinister at work.
He waited for what seemed to be hours before the priest came up the creaking, lopsided ladder.
I read on your website that one in 20 women has lopsided breasts.
She quickly brings her arms stiffly to her sides and flashes a lopsided smile, her heavy jaw clenched.
Such a lopsided half-time score for St Johnstone was difficult to fathom.
He would, I think, have justified his lopsided perspective on the grounds that he was a biologist, not a historian.
Some fine forward play and lax marking contributed to this lopsided score line.