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lope / скачки, бег вприпрыжку, прыжки
имя существительное
races, horserace, lope, claiming race, turf
бег вприпрыжку
vaulting, lope
бежать вприпрыжку
lope, trip
имя существительное
a long bounding stride.
they set off at a fast lope
run or move with a long bounding stride.
the dog was loping along by his side
He mounted the pack horse and followed at a ground-eating lope .
This time the bear took off at a lope , crashed through the trees and disappeared from sight.
They entered the grand many-tiered hall in a lope .
At the same time, the aircraft developed a jerking lope .
He sets off at a measured lope , headed toward the Great Divide, headed east.
Less than half an hour later, they were off, moving at a four-legged lope southeastward.
He warned her, before he went from standing still to a fast lope .
The next step is the lope , the trainer just adds a little tuck and roll (away from the horse's feet for obvious reasons) after he slides out of the saddle.
He gestured to his friend to hurry over, and Hank broke into a lope .
I broke into a lope , strides consuming the gap between us.