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lop-eared / вислоухий, лопоухий
имя прилагательное
flap-eared, lop-eared
lop-eared, big-eared
имя прилагательное
(of an animal) having ears that droop down by the sides of the head.
a lop-eared mule
Augustine had an aura like lop-eared rabbits and fluffy baby chicks that demanded even the most crotchety of old men stand up and take notice.
The English lop-eared rabbit is one of the oldest breeds of domestic rabbits.
At that stage they still referred to their cats as lop-eared, after the lop-eared rabbits.
On the screen, a lop-eared bunny not much older than he, danced and gyrated around a brightly lit stage, with a large team of other male and female dancers of mixed species.
Two distinct types of pig existed at that time: a small foraging type, principally found in Scotland, and a larger, lop-eared English type which had developed into several breeds.
A stranger shows up on the farm asking about an old, lop-eared dog.
Go to the pet store (or breeder) and ask about lop-eared rabbits.
Fibonacci used his sequence of numbers to investigate the population growth of his favourite furry lop-eared friend, the rabbit.
Meet Phoenix, the French lop-eared rabbit, who tips the scales at a colossal 1st after being kept in a hutch all day by her former owners, who found her too aggressive.
Finally, there was a Gallery of slides of the most diverse appearing Border Collies I could find, ranging from lop-eared hound types to prick-eared fuzzies, from traditional markings to red, merle, and the locally famous blond dog.