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loot / грабить, погромить, уносить добычу
rob, plunder, loot, pillage, despoil, strip
raid, loot
уносить добычу
имя существительное
loot, plundering
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, loot
robbery, loot, burglary, heist, pillage, hijacking
имя существительное
goods, especially private property, taken from an enemy in war.
This way you're able to survive and get a variety of loot off enemy ships.
steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot.
police confronted the rioters who were looting shops
The thieves' loot amounted to Nike shoes, watches and money.
If thieves cannot get rid of their loot , then they have little reason to steal.
Congratulations on the weight loss and congratulations on the loot .
Leopold's depravations were so grotesque and occurred on such a scale that even the other colonial powers had to take pause in their scramble for African loot .
The security officers had apparently been watching her steal in the store and waited until she had got outside, thinking she had escaped with her loot , to accost her.
Unfortunately for her, my house is completely deadlocked so there was no way she could get any of this loot out so she must have just cut her losses and left before the boys in blue arrived and clapped her in chains.
With the use of paid mercenaries from Germany, Finland and Scotland, and a strong fleet, the Swedes were able to conduct raids and escape quickly with their loot .
It concerns what the country did with Japan's loot once it discovered how much of it there was, the form it took, and how little influence its original owners had.
And though he quickly stole a fortune from his country's treasury, neither he nor his family had long to enjoy their loot .
the rooms were stuffed with the loot from Francis's expeditions into Italy