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loopy / хитрый, сумасшедший, петельчатый
имя прилагательное
cunning, tricky, sly, artful, crafty, loopy
crazy, madman, mad, lunatic, crazed, loopy
имя прилагательное
crazy or silly.
the author comes across as a bit loopy
having many loops.
a big, loopy signature
In the loopy logic of the Cold War, this actually made sense.
The football TV programme had this loopy , crazy tune they used in the stylized highlights.
I love getting loopy outdoors on sunny weekend afternoons.
Over the next few weeks and months she went decidedly loopy , wandering around dazed and giving bizarre impromptu interviews to mystified and amused reporters.
Her loopy , funny voice is a dead-on mix of desire and ignorance.
I can already imagine what a total stuck up and arrogant idiot the prince is, just by looking at his lavish and loopy signature.
The contrast between the sweet screen versions of these women and their increasingly loopy and bitter personal lives adds, rather unkindly, to the fascination of the films.
And we realize, if we look at them, that those thoughts are a bit loopy .
As I said, it's a hard thought, a difficult concept to explain without sounding loopy .
A gold crest graced the bottom, as did Mr. Coates' loopy , recognizable signature.