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loophole / лазейка, бойница, амбразура
имя существительное
loophole, gap, out
loophole, embrasure
embrasure, porthole, loophole, crenel, splay, port
subterfuge, evasion, dodge, quip, quibble, loophole
проделывать бойницы
имя существительное
an ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules.
they exploited tax loopholes
an arrow slit in a wall.
Domestic buildings in the right place could be fortified by having their walls pierced by loopholes , their floors either removed or strengthened, and their doors and windows blocked.
make arrow slits in (a wall or building).
The other bank of the stream was open ground - a gentle slope topped with a stockade of vertical tree trunks, loopholed for rifles, with a single embrasure through which protruded the muzzle of a brass cannon commanding the bridge.
The council promised to introduce new rules to close a loophole allowing people with such serious criminal pasts to drive cabs.
Politicians exploit loophole in rules on housing expenses
The Government has been accused of fostering a tax avoidance culture after it emerged that millions have been lost on a tax loophole .
He is still entitled to pick up £192 for each day he signs in, plus first-class travel for himself and his wife to their home in Argyllshire, by exploiting a loophole in the expenses rules.
He developed an international reputation by exploiting a loophole letting US companies cut their tax burden.
So, has he merely and cleverly taken advantage of a loophole in the rules?
The loophole in the rules effectively means that every season a couple of clubs have two chances to win the cup.
Tax avoidance schemes aim to exploit loopholes in the law that allow those with hefty tax liabilities to cut their bills dramatically and, in some cases, reduce them to zero.
It looked more like a castle than a railhead, with solid stone walls pierced by tiny loopholes .
However, if officials sometimes don't want to release certain information, they can still find loopholes in the new rules.