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loop / петля, виток, скоба
имя существительное
loop, hinge, noose, buttonhole, mesh, stitch
turn, coil, loop, convolution, wind, spire
clamp, clip, brace, shackle, staple, loop
делать петлю
закреплять петлей
имя существительное
a shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself.
The shape of the loop seems simple but in fact it is not.
a structure, series, or process the end of which is connected to the beginning.
During their lifetime, the crows carry out the inner loop of the adaptation process.
form (something) into a loop or loops; encircle.
she looped her arms around his neck
During their lifetime, the crows carry out the inner loop of the adaptation process.
She nodded and slid the black loop with the rope off her waist.
He shooed the young steer out of his way, and back, onto firmer ground, and then spun the loop of the rope lazily, letting it swing out in an arc and settle squarely over the cow's horns.
One loop of rope had slipped off her right wrist.
The example shown above can be drawn with a single loop .
It's an endless loop of videos interspersed with adverts.
I started feeling stupid and rather ashamed for getting myself in this idiotic situation - clinging tight to a swinging loop of rope too scared to carry on.
As part of an exhibit about the Jewish holocaust, the museum had a Nazi propaganda film going on continuous loop .
In a tape loop in the living-room installation, she projects the image of an old television on two kitschy landscapes.
It was a process a bit like tying a granny knot: twisting one edge of the sausage rope into a loop , then threading the other end through, looping it, and twisting again.