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loom / ткацкий станок, тень, очертания
имя существительное
ткацкий станок
loom, frame
shadow, shade, ghost, loom, dark, reflection
line, set, loom, lineament
loom, stick out, stand out
неясно вырисовываться
принимать угрожающие размеры
имя существительное
an apparatus for making fabric by weaving yarn or thread.
Their elaborate fabrics, woven on looms from cotton and alpaca wool, are known today because they were used in a type of mummification process.
a vague and often exaggerated first appearance of an object seen in darkness or fog, especially at sea.
the loom of the land ahead
appear as a shadowy form, especially one that is large or threatening.
vehicles loomed out of the darkness
Mountains loom in the distance and Bilbo thinks they must be near their destination.
His memoirs state that he was "conscious of the loom of the land about 3 am", little more than an hour before the landing.
The loom of the lighthouse flashed across the sky. The waves moved back and forth across the jagged rocks, gradually becoming larger and more menacing.
You may observe the glow or loom of the lighthouse before you see the light of the lighthouse's lantern.
From the Monday to the Thursday I doubt whether it was ever possible from our windows in Baker Street to see the loom of the opposite houses.
A bigger threat may loom on the media landscape.
the loom of the land
Rock, nothing but ocean waves for another 170 miles until the loom of the Fastnet light lifts above the horizon.
the loom of the land ahead
In the distance, straight ahead off the bow, I could see the loom of the green five-second light of the Block Island lighthouse.