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lookout / бдительность, настороженность, вахта
имя существительное
vigilance, alertness, guard, watch, look-out
alertness, circumspection, look-out
watch, tour, look-out
имя существительное
a place from which to keep watch or view landscape.
Keiko watched patiently as the soldier one hundred metres away from their spot continued his patrol on the walls and entered the lookout tower adjoining the city walls.
The view from the lookout was a breathtaking panorama of the harbour and the sea beyond.
Either side of the gates was a tall lookout tower, the same colour as the walls and with a golden, cone-shaped roof.
While her partner acts as a lookout , she slips box after box of perfume into a bag.
Then he made his way to the lookout post, with some anger in him.
Andree climbed down from the lookout point and walked over to Rolf and Isaac.
If Erik's secrets cease to be Erik's secrets, it will be a bad lookout for a goodly number of the human race!
It begins at an easy gradient and gradually climbs to a lookout giving excellent views north and south along the coast.
‘What if he gets fits?’ ‘It's a bad lookout in that case.’
Water slapped over the decks, rode up the windows and playfully splashed the lookout tower.
From the lookout area, the view embraces the valley