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looker / красавица, телезритель, наблюдатель
имя существительное
beauty, belle, looker, fair, Venus, peri
television viewer, televiewer, looker, looker-in
observer, watcher, supervisor, spectator, onlooker, looker
имя существительное
a person who looks.
the percentage of lookers who actually buy is pretty low
a person with a specified appearance.
a tough looker is not necessarily a tough fighter
To most girls, he was a looker … but to me; he was just Ryan, my perverted best friend.
The title episode of the novel reveals the full importance of the power of sight and of being an active looker ; watching God is an active rather than a passive enterprise.
I wanted, in my character of listener and looker , to be enticed.
Bruce, you'll be quite the looker , I think, when you get older.
He smiles and his eyes get all squinty. ‘You're gonna be a looker someday, I can tell.
But you don't need to be nice, I'm never going to be a looker like some of those cheerleaders.
She was a real looker too, blonde hair, dyed I'm guessing, honey brown eyes, flawless complexion, and a gorgeous body.
In a random sequence of trials, the looker either looks at the back of the subject or looks away and thinks of something else.
She was a looker and he was counting the minutes before he could spend some ‘quality time ‘with her alone.’
I'm certainly no looker , but my short dark hair and green eyes definitely look good on my sculpted face, and I keep in shape.