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look-in / взгляд мельком, короткий визит, короткое посещение
имя существительное
взгляд мельком
короткий визит
короткое посещение
имя существительное
a short pass pattern in which the receiver runs diagonally toward the center of the field.
Learn how to execute the basic look-in passing pattern when coaching youth football.
a chance to take part or succeed in something.
they didn't let the other side get a look-in in the semifinal
He has 60 ‘loyal’ staff and buys from local bakers and farmers, who wouldn't get a look-in at the Tesco down the road.
Organic and summer ranges are already on the cards and, thanks to a successful pilot project with peanut butter, the kids could soon get a look-in with their own special menu.
Anybody who might stand up to him doesn't get a look-in .
She thinks that without lights at those junctions motorists coming in on the smaller road would not get a look-in .
It also means that issues which don't fit into the Orange-Green template are given a low priority, if they get a look-in at all.
Usually translators barely get a look-in but in this collection of nineteen stories set in Paris the translator has also done the selecting.
Voters know there's no chance of The Greens policy getting a look-in in the current climate.
‘Nobody else gets much of a look-in ,’ said one official.
There are some really good movies that didn't even get a look-in , and many that will no doubt provoke surprise and comment.
In the raging commercialism of professional sport, morality hasn't had much of a look-in .