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longshoreman / докер, прибрежный рыбак
имя существительное
docker, dockworker, longshoreman
прибрежный рыбак
longshoreman, shoreman, shoresman
имя существительное
a person employed in a port to load and unload ships.
Hundreds of dock workers clashed with police early Thursday morning in Charleston, South Carolina during a protest against the use of nonunion longshoremen to load a cargo ship.
The lingering stereotype of a union member may still be the burly Teamster or longshoreman .
Back in Montreal, he got a job as a longshoreman at the Old Port.
The trains will be met by more soldiers at dockside, who will work with longshoremen and contractors to put the tanks on a ship.
A week later, Port Au Prince longshoremen walked out in solidarity with the customs strike.
Does this scenario sound like the 2002 dockworker dispute at West Coast ports prompted by lockouts of longshoremen ?
If the 10,000-strong longshoremen go on strike, ports from Seattle to San Diego could shut down, meaning a big jolt to the already floundering US economy.
Meanwhile, 200 ships up and down the West Coast, 10,000 longshoremen and about one million containers remain idled by this dispute.
Talks between longshoremen and shipping lines had ended when the union rejected the latest contract proposal.
As a result, the jobs of 10 longshoremen who used to unload and tie up the unrefined sugar have already been eliminated.
On Thursday the strike continued as other dock workers supported the striking longshoremen and refused to load ships at the terminal's wharf.