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longitude / долгота, длина
имя существительное
longitude, length
length, longitude, run, yardage, fly
Her certificate of discharge even recorded the longitude and latitude at which the company's contractual obligations ended.
at a longitude of 2° W
at a longitude of 2° W
lines of longitude
Any object on the same hour circle will have the same right ascension, just as any place on earth on the same meridian of longitude has the same longitude .
lines of longitude
The zero degree line of longitude slices down through Greenwich, dividing London into western and eastern hemispheres.
At the right longitude and latitude, the resort has plentiful snowfall.
Other published co-ordinates agree with the latitude, but longitude can vary by as much as 0.03 minutes west.
Firstly, remember that your longitude is the angular distance West of the Greenwich meridian.