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longhand / обыкновенное письмо, обычное письмо
имя существительное
обыкновенное письмо
обычное письмо
имя существительное
ordinary handwriting (as opposed to shorthand, typing, or printing).
he wrote out the reply in longhand
In her 70's, she still writes her books in longhand on pads.
The writing on the paper was in longhand and shorthand.
While most signatures were written in longhand , some names were neatly hand printed on blocks.
There were plenty of newsworthy exchanges between Argus and shareholders, but with 24 pages of longhand notes, one would not want to overindulge an AGM review.
a longhand draft
During her entire writing career, she submitted her manuscripts in longhand and allowed only minimal editing.
It was written in longhand , and without a doubt, by a female's hand.
In English or Chinese I like to write in longhand for this reason.
First, when I've refined it down to a story and its scenes, I work out my order of scenes, each on a different piece of paper, and then I write out each scene in longhand .
Now he works out of his small apartment, mostly from a mat and some pillows set up before a low table strewn with audio equipment and papers covered in his tight longhand .