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longevity / долговечность, долголетие, долгожительство
имя существительное
durability, longevity, life, endurance, service
longevity, macrobiosis
имя существительное
long life.
the greater longevity of women compared with men
The reason for the longevity of some players is in part due to their ability to adapt quickly to the changing business environment.
The amount of money a country spends on health care does positively correlate with increased longevity .
Environmental conditions such as temperature, light intensity and relative humidity influence pollen longevity .
Could their longevity be due in part to an extraordinary resistance to cancer and other diseases?
her longevity in office now appeared as a handicap to the party
Bacon's interest in comparative longevity also reveals the extent to which youth itself can be tied to substance.
His longevity of service to the bank will serve him well in his new role.
Ada has a clear idea of how she has attained such longevity .
Most manufactured pop artists have the sort of career longevity that would cause a mayfly to snigger.
Water also charges up joints and promotes longevity by boosting your overall health.