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longboat / баркас
имя существительное
longboat, launch
Kennedy and an assortment of repair men loaded into the longboat and made their way to the American ship.
Still, by the time Wonka and his guests set sail, the fact that their ship is a Viking longboat carved from a big boiled sweet seems almost mundane.
The bows of the longboat collided with the dock, causing the little boats to pitch and sway in a haphazard fashion.
‘I love you, too, David,’ she said, as the longboat reached the ship.
he was cast adrift in a longboat by the mutinous crew
Within moments of the 6ft torches being thrown on to the deck, the longboat was consumed in flames.
Its capacity was far larger than that of the old longboat , and soon all other ports started using it as a more efficient way of transporting wine.
The first maze - a Viking longboat - was created in 2002 as a way of diversifying the family farming business.
The longboat was launched before a crowd of about 500 at Town Beach, the cradle of history in this district.
The sailors escaped back out to sea in their battered longboat , praying for rescue by a passing ship.