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long-suffering / долготерпение
имя существительное
long-suffering, longanimity, angelic patience
имя прилагательное
distressful, long-suffering
имя прилагательное
having or showing patience in spite of troubles, especially those caused by other people.
his long-suffering wife
The play looks at his struggle to develop revolutionary ideas as well as his relationship with long-suffering wife Jane.
You're a long-suffering bunch and we bloggers appreciate your patience.
I remain to be convinced that the end result will justify months of inactivity and inconvenience to long-suffering passengers.
No sooner had the ink dried on last week's column, than one of my long-suffering 17 readers was into action.
It will cause misery for long-suffering drivers who faced gridlock when the main burst, forcing police to shut the flooded road for hours.
His father was a patient, long-suffering character who was mercilessly hen-pecked.
He will be off work for weeks and his long-suffering wife will once again have to struggle to make ends meet.
If he does get away, put on the deeply hurt yet ultimately forgiving face of a long-suffering mistress.
Then he confronted her and the long-suffering woman laughed.
Since nobody (to my memory) has ever offered a vote of thanks to these long-suffering partners, I do so now.