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long-range / дальнобойный, дальнего действия
имя прилагательное
дальнего действия
имя прилагательное
(especially of vehicles or missiles) able to be used or be effective over long distances.
long-range bombers
relating to a period of time that extends far into the future.
long-range forecasts
Having studied the hedgerows and the behaviour of wildlife, he would offer us a long-range forecast.
What are the implications of the global diffusion of nuclear and long-range delivery vehicle technology?
With an excellent long-range weather forecast the majority of the crop will be in the ground within the next week.
The plan has always been to mount biological warheads on all long-range surface-to-surface missiles.
So we keep flying our only long-range twin engine aircraft on domestic routes!
Such a long-range plan must include decisions about the use of our annual income.
The Tomahawk is a long-range subsonic cruise missile that is launched from ships and submarines.
In fact the earth rotates, and during the time of flight of a long-range missile they will move a considerable distance.
Though not a long-range projectile, they are devastating when used at practical distances.
We also needed to be able to find bees at distances consistent with their long-range flight ability.