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long-lost / давно потерянная
давно потерянный
имя прилагательное
lost or absent for a long time.
a long-lost friend
I bet long-lost relatives are already lining up to hail their cousin!
Then you can meet your long-lost friend, one who is supposed to be dead.
Here you can see reconstructed Inca ruins evoking a long-lost past.
It took Rhea almost an hour to finally locate this long-lost friend and guardian, and she restrained herself from running into the room.
The claimant knows all the things he ought to know, and talks convincingly to the long-lost heir's friends.
Village children yell the names of the Noronha girls, their long-lost friends.
He'd walked into Hanson's office to be greeted by Oldfield as a long-lost friend.
After some investigation, she becomes convinced the stranger is her long-lost father.
That's why her eldest son, Patsy, was determined to find some link with his long-lost Spanish cousins.
I was actually put back in touch with my two long-lost half-brothers because of all this.