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loner / одиночка, одинокий человек, холостяк
имя существительное
loner, singleton, one, single person, one-aloner
одинокий человек
bachelor, singles, single, celibate, bach, loner
имя существительное
a person who prefers not to associate with others.
Do they travel in packs or prefer to be loners ?
I think he's a bit of a loner , and I think at the moment he has things exactly as he wishes.
I've always been a bit of a loner , and am not quite sure how to connect with others, even now.
I could see she had me down as a bit of a loner , even by her standards.
Her bubbly good will rises to the surface, however, and she's anything but an introverted loner .
She knew Lowe as a man who was a ‘bit slow’ and a loner who had no friends.
my interest in birdwatching had made me a bit of a loner
They are loners and individualists who reject activism.
I suppose it can be a lonely life but we're all loners and mavericks to some extent and I am happy by myself.
Some of them are loners, but the loners usually keep to themselves, and many don't like to roam the streets at all.
The most effective change insurgents aren't loners , mavericks, or revolutionaries.