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lolly / Лолли
имя существительное
имя существительное
a lollipop.
Corner shop cabinets were soon stocked with a variety of fruity lollies , waiting for us little urchins to trot up, pull back the glass cover and reach inside for our favourite.
you've done brilliantly raising all that lovely lolly
Saturday jobs inject a little more into the coffers and, welcome though it is, it doesn't leave most kids rolling in lolly .
He had loads of lolly and could retire comfortably if things went wrong.
you've done brilliantly raising all that lovely lolly
I reckon that with the housing market slowing down because people are finding it cheaper to improve their existing homes, the Government is missing out on all that lovely stamp duty lolly .
you've done brilliantly raising all that lovely lolly
As a result simple, honest people who have need of money are inveigled into believing that if they only have the luck they would win all that lovely lolly .
They were quick to ask to ask him if he was going to return this undeserved lolly .
I bought her another lolly to eat on the walk back through the glen.
Instead of popping pills or sticking on patches I will be licking lollies .
He didn't like normal lollies but these play havoc with his teeth.