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lollop / идти ленивой походкой
идти ленивой походкой
move in an ungainly way in a series of clumsy paces or bounds.
the bear lolloped along the path
Today, you will be lucky to see a jackal scamper off, or a black-naped hare lollop across a path.
The two animals lollop and leap around the house, between them exhibiting two remarkably different lifestyles.
They crouched in the distance then lolloped off, not into the woods, but over bare ground to the horizon.
Sid and I stood and watched in disbelief as a second fox lolloped along the same escape route.
A few wallabies foraging in the saltbush lolloped out of the way.
In the fields towards Heswall several pairs of brown hares lolloped and played in the long grass while pheasants strutted their stuff looking stunning in the sunlight.
It is the site of Costa Rica's greatest concentration of national parks, and pretty much anything that crawls, flits, swoops or lollops through Central America can be found here.
When the horse lollops from side to side, it works the muscles on both sides of your body.
The lions and their cubs sit up as he lollops nearer.
The robot puppy lollops over, its eyes flashing traffic-light green as it makes friendly jingling noises like a doorbell.