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lollipop / леденец, леденец на палочке, леденцовая карамель
имя существительное
lollipop, candy, drop, sweet, sweetmeat, barley sugar
леденец на палочке
lollipop, lollypop, sucker
леденцовая карамель
lollipop, rock
имя существительное
a flat, rounded candy on the end of a stick.
Life is not all candy canes and lollipops but it doesn't mean we should forget what the results of our actions are.
If the ritual centers around the oral fixation, and not the tobacco or the smoke itself, you could substitute a lollipop , licorice or hard sour candy for the cigarette.
Top off each goodie bag with a lollipop accented with additional jelly beans.
The plump girl had finished her lollipop and threw the stick over her shoulder.
I'm looking at Blake the way a little starry-eyed kid looks at a giant lollipop in a candy store.
Just as in the eye pin, the circle needs to be sitting on top of the wire like a lollipop on a stick.
I sat back down and resumed my editing, sticking the grape lollipop back in my mouth.
At issue is candy that contains significant amounts of chili powder, including lollipops coated with chili, and powdery mixtures of salt, lemon flavoring and chili seasoning.
The big candy bars cost $1 each and the lollipops 50 cents.
The country's candy market stands at $319 million in 2000 with a wide range of products including chewy candy, jelly, hard candy and lollipops .
So, lollipops and sucking sweeties were banned, but soft sweets and chocolate were deemed OK in moderation.