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logjam / затор, завал, залом
имя существительное
congestion, mash, traffic jam, logjam, block, jamming
abatis, logjam, goaf, avalanche, nip
имя существительное
a crowded mass of logs blocking a river.
When you decide that certain feelings are too threatening to experience, you cut off your life energy in some way, just like a logjam will dam a river's flow.
a situation that seems irresolvable.
the president can use the power of the White House to break the logjam over this issue
We have a lot of hope that we can use this bill to break the logjam and move forward on Social Security.
keeping a diary may ease the logjam of work considerably
The White House is dressing this up as some way to break the logjam in the peace process.
About 200 years ago, a huge logjam formed in the Red River where it flows through northwestern Louisiana.
During that period, specifically in October 2003 and in December 2004, we agreed to significant initiatives as part of an agreement to break the logjam .
He called for ‘full ventilation of the history’ and suggested that leadership was necessary to break the logjam .
It would break the logjam that we are now trapped in.
One thing that may break the logjam is the ability to build a functioning democracy.
Private messages and other reportage also did not break the logjam .
The second is when Pacino first sees Williams and chases him across a logjam in the river, finally falling into the freezing water and struggling to resurface between the massive logs.