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logistics / логистика, тыл и снабжение
имя существительное
тыл и снабжение
имя существительное
the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.
the logistics and costs of a vaccination campaign
Before the teams arrived from Singapore, a group from there undertook a trip to identify the project location, facilities and logistics .
The costs and logistics involved in caring for children under two has meant far fewer places for this age group and a longer wait for young families.
We are a team, and don't forget each of us is necessary to win this war, especially logistics .
The logistics of moving the battalions was complicated, and the benefits on readiness problematic.
There is a lot of potential for supply chain management and logistics expertise.
The second challenge is associated with the need to maximize the total capacity of the transport and logistics business through performance capability.
It is owned by La Poste, which is the second largest operator in the European parcels and logistics market
This was in addition to providing logistics for military traffic.
In premodern times, the limitations of military logistics acted as a restraint on the ability of states to interact with each other.
There were also problems in logistics and communications.