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loggia / лоджия
имя существительное
имя существительное
a gallery or room with one or more open sides, especially one that forms part of a house and has one side open to the garden.
Simply snip off some of those extra rooms and loggias , and the core remains a livable and viably affordable house to build.
It seems fitting to begin the tour in the Italian galleries, reached through the classical courtyard and up the stairs to rooms off the loggia .
Beyond is a glass-roofed loggia , which connects the cafeteria to an outdoor terrace and the main oval.
The rear of the house opens to the garden through a long loggia .
The architects carved a loggia into the base of all four buildings to provide a continuous pedestrian space around the courtyard as well as covered access to each building.
Nora and Amanda made their way to the loggia , a large patio at ground level on the seaside of the house.
The decision was made, at a date most commonly assumed to have been in 1517, to close the open loggia at the southern corner of the building, which had hitherto given Florentine citizens a convenient point of access to the palace.
Accented with beautiful gardens, a covered loggia and a fireplace creating a picturesque setting for parties and other social happenings, The Paseo Club strives to be at the center of its members' social lives.
On the south side, a first floor loggia with Ionic columns overlooked the garden; on the north, a horseshoe staircase leads in Palladian manner to a terrace and a two-storey cubic hall.
Extending out from the pavilion is a large loggia , which in time will be colonized by deciduous local vines, forming a green gateway.
The loggia around the courtyard on this floor contains the museum's excellent collection of maiolica pottery and glazed terra-cotta sculptures made in Italy during the Renaissance.