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logger / лесоруб, лесопогрузчик
имя существительное
lumberjack, logger, feller, woodsman, axeman, lumberman
имя существительное
a person who fells trees for timber; a lumberjack.
She watched as loggers felled trees with chain saws, dragging the logs to a nearby river and then floating them to market.
a device or computer program for making a systematic recording of events, observations, or measurements.
Data loggers - small recording devices attached to the aeration fans - are being used by the IPM researchers.
The sinister instructions can include a virus or a keystroke logger (that steals passwords or other sensitive information).
One use of this is to install a keystroke logger that will record information such as credit card numbers, user IDs and passwords of the user at the infected machine.
By cutting down beautiful forest trees, the logger makes $20.
a data logger
Such visits were not recorded by the logger , and these tape recordings were excluded from the analysis.
Just remember that root has access to your private and public keys, and can run a keystroke logger on the box and get your crypto passphrase.
An identity thief could use it to download a keystroke logger and harvest thousands of passwords and active credit card numbers.
When a logger cuts a tree, he also coats it with spores that help it decompose.
Second, it had both a key logger or e-mail logging functionality.
Now all we need to do is configure the stealth logger itself.