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loft / чердак, лофт, верхний этаж
имя существительное
attic, loft, garret, upper storey, cockloft
верхний этаж
loft, upper storey, upstairs, abovestairs
посылать мяч высоко вверх
держать голубей
имя существительное
a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building, which may be used for accommodations or storage.
Graham spent the bulk of his day today sorting out the junk in the garage, creating a boarded storage loft in the roof space, and separating out a couple of loads of rubbish to go to the recycling centre tomorrow.
upward inclination given to the ball in a stroke.
This less-steep inside approach also adds loft at impact and improves her accuracy.
the thickness of insulating matter in an object such as a sleeping bag or a padded coat.
kick, hit, or throw (a ball or missile) high up.
he lofted the ball over the infield
He gave himself acres of room to loft the ball over cover but ended up finding nothing but air.
She raved about how she could convert the factory space into a fabulous loft for herself.
the extra loft reduces sidespin
The choir loft was still behind the pulpit, but there was a drum set, a keyboard, and guitars set up to the left of the podium.
For an uphill bunker shot, use less loft and make a normal swing.
The balcony in the sanctuary was shaped like a horseshoe and extended on both sides to the choir loft at the front.
On one job we were building a loft in a large warehouse.
Putting the opera chorus in the choir loft was easy.
In the past, many cottages consisted of only one or two rooms, plus a sleeping loft .
This less-steep inside approach also adds loft at impact and improves her accuracy.