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locution / выражение, оборот речи, идиома
имя существительное
expression, term, phrase, phrasing, locution, demonstration
оборот речи
turn of speech, expression, locution, turn
idiom, Briticism, Britishism, locution
имя существительное
a word or phrase, especially with regard to style or idiom.
These locutions are determinedly descriptive.
an utterance regarded in terms of its intrinsic meaning or reference, as distinct from its function or purpose in context.
For our paraphrastic procedure to be comprehensive, it must work with contexts containing explicitly comparative locutions .
In particular, speech act theory is built on his discussion of locution , illocution, and perlocution.
his impeccable locution
Occasionally, we shall employ the locution , ‘land rent,’ which is technically redundant; we do so merely to provide recurring emphasis as a reminder of what is meant.
Perhaps ‘unavoidable circumstances’ would be a better locution ?
This locution is recurrent in the accumulating commentary on Desiderio's paintings.
What I do remember about Eddie Rademeyer is a particular locution he favoured when a question of his was met with a blank stare by some poor uncomprehending pupil.
A key insight of this volume is Vanhoozer's correlation of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with locution , illocution, and perlocution, respectively.
Today, any state-sponsored eugenic ideology would surely face considerable opposition, but instead we have (to use the barbarous locution now common) ‘privatized’ eugenic decisions.
This depends on the interpreter's culturally specific understanding of the social significance of the locution .
his impeccable locution