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locus / геометрическое место точек, местоположение, траектория
имя существительное
геометрическое место точек
position, site, situation, locality, locus, fix
trajectory, path, locus
положение гена в хромосоме
имя существительное
a particular position, point, or place.
it is impossible to specify the exact locus in the brain of these neural events
a curve or other figure formed by all the points satisfying a particular equation of the relation between coordinates, or by a point, line, or surface moving according to mathematically defined conditions.
The curve can be considered as the locus of a point P defined as follows.
The locus of these thick or thin spots can be mapped by radar back to the site of origin.
Genes at a locus that differ by mutations are known as alleles or haplotypes.
The catenary is the locus of the focus of a parabola rolling along a straight line.
a parabola is the locus of a point that moves so as to be equidistant from a fixed point and a straight line
the real locus of power is the informal council
It all revolved around the idea that the body is a locus of memory, and it brought that idea into so many dimensions.
Although the Roman government was intact, the real locus of power in ancient Rome was the family.
They will be more gravely weakened if pension funds, an enduring locus of labor power, are privatized.
The unfettered, pluralistic nature of the Internet is also changing the locus of power of the news media.
Then the locus of centers of all circles passing through A and orthogonal to C is a straight line.