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locum / временный заместитель
имя существительное
временный заместитель
locum tenens, supernumerary, locum, stopgap, warming pan, supply
имя существительное
a person who stands in temporarily for someone else of the same profession, especially a cleric or doctor.
For example, monitoring of particular subgroups of general practitioners, such as locums , assistants, and those caring for people in hospices, may be difficult if not impossible.
Umpteen years ago, I worked as a locum for an unwell general practitioner in another part of the country.
After house officer posts he entered general practice as a locum and then took up a definitive post in the Markets area of Belfast.
I once worked as a locum for the regular ship's doctor of a large transatlantic passenger liner.
He retired from the NHS when he was 65 but was his own locum for while.
He acted as a locum when he retired and was a member of the local Probus Club, as well as being interested in cookery, wine, and history.
Doing and repairing episiotomies was one of my routine jobs when I was a locum in obstetrics 25 years ago.
In general practice, men are more prepared to see a registrar or a locum than women and seem to place less store on the doctor-patient relationship than women.
Having been pensioned off in 1982 at the age of 65, he returned to general practice as a locum .
Restricting them to a 58-hour week could leave hospitals having to rely on foreign medics and locums to work in areas where they do not have specialist knowledge, the British Medical Association warned.
It describes the current procedure for approving employment of locums who are over retirement age as a ‘rubber stamp’ that provides no safeguard for the trust or its patients.