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locomotive / локомотив, паровоз, тепловоз
имя существительное
locomotive, engine
locomotive, engine, puffer
имя прилагательное
motor, locomotor, motive, locomotive, motional, propeller
moving, shifting, locomotive
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or effecting locomotion.
locomotive power
имя существительное
a powered rail vehicle used for pulling trains.
a diesel locomotive
‘As people get older their locomotive abilities give up before vision and if they become confined to one room vision and hearing become relatively more important,’ he said.
Except this time, the bug was a large helicopter gunship and the car was a speeding diesel locomotive .
With the growth in the economy, the locomotive capacity has to be increased.
Christmas is heading this way like a speeding locomotive .
The railway locomotive and the large steam-powered factory were the most spectacular products of the steam age.
Guests and passengers were treated to a trip along the five-mile line pulled by the historic locomotive .
Thus substantial space is devoted, for example, to railroads in the Civil War and to the development of locomotive power in the era from 1865 to 1900.
It would be more than five years later, after the ‘Tom Thumb’ experiments, that steam locomotive technology would secure the company's success.
That steam locomotive technology had climaxed at about the time the Depression started is is evidenced in the requirements for a college degree in mechanical engineering.
He does some other weird stuff then like knock people over using chi, and pull a railway locomotive along by cables attached to huge piercings right through his biceps, insane but not as miraculous as the electrical stuff.