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locomotion / передвижение, путешествие
имя существительное
movement, locomotion, shift, evolution
travel, traveling, journey, tour, trip, locomotion
имя существительное
movement or the ability to move from one place to another.
the muscles that are concerned with locomotion
In salamanders, both swimming and ambulatory locomotion involves lateral body bending.
The history of this area is bound up in locomotion .
If you were to place a bicycle wheel on a stool in a museum you'd be talking about the properties of locomotion - how the wheel interacts with the stool.
Adult cats also have the ability to express hindlimb locomotion after complete spinalisation.
the muscles that are concerned with locomotion
Can the central nervous system learn to change the timing of activation of muscles in order to generate proper locomotion ?
These life forms most likely have appendages for the purpose of locomotion .
At the first level, one asks how a propulsor is built and how it moves during locomotion .
Higher-level control of locomotion seems to be more important for humans than for cats.
As her pain made locomotion distressing, the father had to carry his daughter home.