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lockstep / lockstep
имя существительное
a way of marching with each person as close as possible to the one in front.
the trio marched in lockstep
And that in itself will persuade the allies to fall into lockstep .
I think there are risks for us in being too much in lockstep with the United States, and I think in this period that that is something we should think very carefully about and review carefully.
The pace of growth between 1901 and 1911 had been so rapid, and there were so few clouds on the horizon, that most people saw the future unfolding in lockstep with the previous decade.
In lockstep with mistaken corporate practice, some of the current higher education policy wonks argue that tenure needs to be adjusted to make faculty less hard on the leadership of their CEOs.
TV commentators and print journalists alike have, with rare exceptions, fallen into lockstep behind the administration's campaign of lies.
the party touted a lockstep unity
the trio marched in lockstep
hundreds of shaven-headed youths march lockstep into the stadium
In most professions, the best workers usually get the top pay - a situation that once held in teaching, before the unions arrived on the scene and began to mandate lockstep salaries.
Certainly we can socialize with people without being in philosophical lockstep with them, as long as you both are open to developing either a mutally respectful or a hilariously meanspirited dialogue about your differences.