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lockout / локаут, захват
имя существительное
lockout, shutout
capture, grab, taking, seizure, grip, lockout
имя существительное
the exclusion of employees by their employer from their place of work until certain terms are agreed to.
The company claims the wage rise is totally unacceptable and has refused to lift the lockout until the union ends all industrial action.
a device used to ensure that machines remain inoperable while repairs or adjustments are made.
The PSA promised to suspend industrial action if employers discontinued the lockout .
The company responded with a lockout and threats it would relocate production to Thailand.
Management offered to lift the lockout if employees accept a proposal allowing the company to cut jobs and working conditions.
Management claimed the lockout was a temporary measure and that the plant would be reopened on May 9.
the union took strike action and management responded with a lockout
Management will also be free on that date to impose new contract terms or institute a lockout .
Union leaders said they expected the lockout and blamed the employers for inflaming already tense negotiations.
The lockout was in retaliation against industrial bans imposed by employees for a 15 percent pay increase over three years.
Workers believe the lockout is part of management plans to shift the entire operation to Vietnam, where labour costs are lower.
A strike by Norwegian offshore oil rig workers entered its second month this week, with employers threatening a lockout .