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lockjaw / тризм, столбняк, сжатие челюстей
имя существительное
tetanus, lockjaw, catalepsy
сжатие челюстей
Tetanus or lockjaw may not seem to be a compelling disease to vaccinate against in elderly adults but 92% of all cases occur in adults and 71% are over the age of fifty.
Those with lockjaw also have speech problems and are unable to eat normally since they cannot open their mouths properly.
Is the likelihood of my coming down with lockjaw or diphtheria high enough to warrant a vaccination?
It's a terrible and often fatal disease starting with muscle spasms in the jaw and face, called lockjaw , then spreading.
Mrs Wilby said she had previously seen tetanus - often known as lockjaw - in animals.
Tetanus, also called lockjaw , is a disease with uncontrolled muscle spasms caused by a bacterium in a local wound.
Thoreau maintained a close relationship with his brother up until the latter's death of lockjaw following a freak accident.
If your child develops lockjaw or muscle spasms - particularly after sustaining a wound - seek medical attention right away.
he has lockjaw
Numerous claims were made for the benefits of tobacco, such as prevention of toothache, falling fingernails, worms, halitosis, lockjaw , and cancer.