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lock-up / тупик, запирание, арестантская камера
имя существительное
deadlock, impasse, dead end, stalemate, blind alley, puffin
locking, closing, lockup, lock-on
арестантская камера
cooler, lockup
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a jail, especially a temporary one.
the locking up of premises for the night.
the action of becoming fixed or immovable.
anti-lock braking helps prevent wheel lockup
an investment in assets that cannot readily be realized or sold in the short term.
The shares, which were not subject to a lock-up , rose sharply in the weeks after the deal.
The local constabulary rounded them up and took them to the lock-up .
The first prisons were therefore the local lock-up or the castle keep.
The small building to the right is the police lock-up , Stuart Town Gaol, still standing.
a lock-up garage
Women's rights groups in Malaysia displayed outrage Wednesday at a court judge's ruling acquitting a policeman accused of raping two female detainees in a police lock-up .
hurrying back to their houses before lock-up
On the actual day of the murder, he had been arrested and taken into the lock-up on a charge of a very petty theft.
Anyway we journalists were not invited along on the tour of the lock-up .
On October 21, full six days after the brutal killings, there are tell-tale signs of the crime still present in the form of blood stains on the floor and walls of the lock-up .