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lock / замок, запор, шлюз
имя существительное
castle, lock, chateau, lock-hospital
constipation, lock, latch, hasp, fastener, fastening
gateway, lock, sluice, gate, floodgate, hatch
lock, shut, lock up, pawl, latch, bar
close, lock, become reserved, be frozen up
close, lock
имя существительное
a mechanism for keeping a door, lid, etc., fastened, typically operated only by a key of a particular form.
the key turned firmly in the lock
a short confined section of a canal or other waterway in which the water level can be changed by the use of gates and sluices, used for raising and lowering vessels between two gates.
It was nicknamed the Everest of canals because its 91 locks lifted boats 600 ft.
a person or thing that is certain to succeed; a certainty.
Avion Black filled in nicely when Lewis was injured but is not a lock to succeed him.
a mechanism for exploding the charge of a gun.
a piece of a person's hair that coils or hangs together.
she pushed back a lock of hair
fasten or secure (something) with a lock.
she closed and locked her desk
make or become rigidly fixed or immovable.
he locked his hands behind her neck
go through a lock on a canal.
we locked through at Moore Haven
All models have remote central locking, front electric windows, a trip computer and doors which lock automatically above walking pace.
We'd slam each other in turn, sometimes dragging the other down to the mat to grapple in laughter, cut off suddenly by a choke or a tap-out from a lock .
the door will automatically lock behind you
she pushed back a lock of hair
He took a lock of my hair and brought it to his lips.
If you can get this arm lock against the opponent's elbow, you can easily break it (requires a subtle body shift).
He thinks someone has managed to slip their hand inside the open window to release the door lock .
Blowing a lock of hair off of my face, I looked down at him.
Although this particular crowd was mainly due to people watching the boats pass in and out of the lock from the Stratford canal onto the Avon.
He then switched the acceleration to cruise control, reached under his seat, and pulled out a steering lock .