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locate / размещать, обнаруживать, определять местонахождение
place, locate, allocate, station, dispose, set
find, detect, discover, find out, reveal, locate
определять местонахождение
locate, localize, spot, orient, orientate, localise
discover the exact place or position of.
engineers were working to locate the fault
I've got work at my current job until the end of June, so at least I've got some buffer time to locate another position.
It allows significant industry to come and locate in the town and is very important in the development of our Technological Park.
In relation to suitable businesses that might locate in the centre, Mr Marks said the forum has already been looking for suitable tenants.
they locate their policies in terms of wealth creation
As a result, many people and businesses are now able to locate nearly anywhere they choose.
There are many good reasons for the small independent business to locate in this area to benefit from the railway line.
Look for property data to show special exemptions for new businesses that locate in new residential areas.
his marketing strategy has been to locate in small towns
In all the development will include six commercial units which are large enough for most business or office type projects likely to locate in the town.
his marketing strategy has been to locate in small towns