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localize / локализовать, определять местонахождение, ограничивать распространение
localize, localise
определять местонахождение
locate, localize, spot, orient, orientate, localise
ограничивать распространение
localize, localise
относить к определенному месту
localize, localise
restrict (something) to a particular place.
symptoms include localized pain and numbness
The centre is striving to localize its Internet services, including providing software, integrated systems and engineering support to local ISP and ICP providers, the two companies' sources said.
The image-guided biopsy uses either ultrasound or mammography to stereotactically localize the suspicious lesion.
How can minimally-staffed news websites best cover and localize the war?
These will ideally include a means to localize the abnormal glands preoperatively as well as to determine if the resection is complete prior to closure of the surgical incision.
As stated above, it is expected that both service firms and those targeting consumers are more likely to localize their Web sites.
In addition, PCR can detect small deletions and can specifically localize the regions contained in the deletion.
Electromyography, conducted three to four weeks after the onset of symptoms, can localize the lesion and help confirm the diagnosis.
most vertebrates localize sounds by orienting movements
most vertebrates localize sounds by orienting movements
Treatment with this drug should not be initiated in patients with active infections including chronic or localized infections.