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locality / местность, населенный пункт, местоположение
имя существительное
terrain, locality, country, ground, community, situation
населенный пункт
locality, inhabited locality, community, populated locality
position, site, situation, locality, locus, fix
имя существительное
the position or site of something.
the rock's size and locality
Where the nuisance causes physical damage to property, however, the nature of the locality is irrelevant.
a working-class locality
the rock's size and locality
This locality is also the site from which Lyreidus hookeri was collected.
Local residents should be involved in the regular maintenance of the parks in their locality .
Mary is wished many happy returns by all on the committee as well as by all her friends in the locality .
It would become a place where people in Tramore could go to and meet friends in the locality .
Neighbourhood parks have sprung up in every locality making the area greener.
He will be greatly missed by his family and good friends around the locality .
She was very well liked in the locality and was a grand neighbour and good friend down through the years.