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local / местный, локальный, частный
имя прилагательное
local, spot, topical, regional, indigenous, native
local, topical, topic, brush-fire, on-site
private, partial, particular, individual, proprietary, local
имя существительное
местный житель
местная организация
местная анестезия
local anesthesia, local
имя прилагательное
belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, typically exclusively so.
researching local history
имя существительное
a local person or thing, in particular.
Also, the council are looking at changing the signing for towns in the borough to improve local identity in the area.
the children were all local to Dublin
The camp is open for all clubs in the area and hopefully the local club rivalry will be put aside for one week during the camp!
You can get a glimpse of this by the way that commuters hanging from the local train will pull in a man running late.
We don't care if you're the type of guy we could have a pint with down the local .
Possibly the local train may have observed something which may throw some light upon the matter.
This is not a critical risk, as only people on the local machine may logon to this account with a blank password.
it was published in the local newspaper
the hall is for the local community
We travelled to Goregaon in a local train and took a rick back to suku's place.